11.Sep.2022 PHOTO update : TANAMI Theater Performance.
05.Sep.2022 New Information update : "Dance Bridge 2022".
02.Aug.2022 PHOTO update : "Woman is a Journey", "Red flower, White flower".
11.Jun.2022 New Information update : "Woman is a Journey"@"Red flower, White flower".
04.Apr.2022 PHOTO update : "Her Chair".
31.Jun.2022 New Information update : "Her Chair".
05.Jun.2022 PHOTO update : "Tokyo -under the Sky".
07.Sep.2021 PHOTO update : "Soragana-ku".
22.Aug.2021 New Information update : "TOKYO -under the Sky".
29.Jul.2021 PHOTO update : "Yesterday, Today, Tommorow Re".
18.Jul.2021 New Information update : New work "SORAGANA-KU".
28.Jun.2021 New Information update : Ringo Project "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" Replay!!
19.May.2021 PHOTO update : 4 solo works & "The Sky for Kids".
11.Apr.2021 New Information update : 4 solo works & "The Sky for Kids".
25.Feb.2021 PHOTO update : "Yesterday, Today, Tommorow(Ringo Project 2021)".
12.Jan.2021 New Information update : Ringo Project "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow".
22.Dec.2020 PHOTO update : "Woman is a Journey(Dance Bridge 2020)".
29.Nov.2020 Movie update : "Stopover online performance digest" was added.
03.Nov.2020 PHOTO update : "Red flower, White flower(Dance Bridge Extra)".
13.Oct.2020 New Information update : "DanceBridge Extra Edition" Add Delivery URL.
27.Sep.2020 New Information update : "DanceBridge2020".
23.Jul.2020 PHOTO update : "Stopover"
21.Jun.2020 New Information update : "Stopover" Live version & Online theater.
03.May.2020 New Information update : "Stopover" performance and Video Recruitment.
22.Mar.2020 PHOTO update : "Her Chair(Or the emotional dance your unconscious creates)".
13.Jan.2020 Movie update : "Her Chair~BoilingMind" and "Workshop at Kushimoto Itsumo Elementary school" was added.
12.Jan.2020 New Information update : "Mademoiselle Cinema Journey of Dance feat. Keio Medeia Design" was added. 
14.Dec.2019 PHOTO update : "Her Chair(the working title) short version".
10.Nov.2019 PHOTO update : "Her Chair(the working title) short version".
02.Nov.2019  New Information update : "Dance Bridge 2019" was added.
15.Sep.2019 PHOTO update : "Her Chair(the working title)".
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30.Apr.2019 PHOTO update : "HEISEI March".
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15.Dec.2018 PHOTO update : "Dance Bridge International 2018".
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19.Sep.2018 PHOTO update : "Bad Girl Lullaby".
08.Jul.2018 New Information update : "Bad Girl Lullaby" was added.
05.May.2018 PHOTO update : "Life Theater".
01.Apr.2018 New Information update : "Life Theater" was added.
23.Dec.2017 PHOTO update : "Woman is a Journey".
03.Dec.2017 PHOTO update : "Red flower, White flower" at Ethiopia International Dance Festival ADEY.
19.Nov.2017 PHOTO update : "Woman is a Journey (short version)".
15.Oct.2017 New Information update : Ethiopia International Dance Festival "ADEY", and "Woman is a Journey"was added.
24.Sep.2017 PHOTO update : "The Rite of Spring", "Traveling Alone", and "The Mysterious Place".
25.Jun.2017 New Information update : Tokyo Mexico tour "The Mysterious Place" was added.
PHOTO update : Dance Bridge International "Red flower, White flower" and "Tokyo Story".
09.Apr.2017 New Information update : "Traveling Alone" was added.
30.Jan.2017 New Information update : "The Rite of Spring" was added.
06.Nov.2016 New Information update : "SESSION HOUSE ~ CONCARINO Memorial Dance Performance" was added.
19.Sep.2016 New Information update : "Dance Bridge International" was added.
PHOTO update : "Red flower, White flower" in Singapore.
29.May.2016 New Information update : "LiTHE","Sapporo Project" was added.
22.May.2016 PHOTO update : "Looking for Stories".
23.Mar.2016 New Information update : "Looking for Stories" was added.
27.Feb.2016 PHOTO update : "Good girl, Bad girl, Lullaby".
03.Jan.2016 New Information update : "Projet Danse Quatre-Quarts" was added.
PHOTO update : "Stopover 2015".
15.Nov.2015 Movie update : "The Rite of Spring" was added.
18.Oct.2015 New Information update : "Stopover" was added.
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11.May.2014 New Information update : "My Tokyo Story." was added.
16.Feb.2014 PHOTO update : "The fugue of pathos. and..." was added.
24.Nov.2013 New Information update : "The fugue of pathos. and ..." was added.
04.Nov.2013 PHOTO update : "Fleurs rouges, Fleurs blances -Short version-" was added.
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