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Profile of Matsuno HARADA
1951     Matsuno HARADA was born.
1972     Graduated JOSHIBI junior college of art and design.
1976     Worked at TORII Textile Design Room.
1980-2000 Worked as a docent of JOSHIBI University of art and design.
1981     Designed LP record jacket of Yujiro ISHIHARA
1982     Became a chief designer of Yuki TORII design room.
1988-2000 Free activity.
        Yuki TORII Paris collection/textile
        ROMEO GIGLI Milan collection/textile
1999     Took part in Opera"LIFE".
        (Ryuichi SAKAMOTO music, Yoji YAMAMOTO costume)
2001-    Working at JOSHIBI University of art and design as a professor.

Profile of Kuni WAKAO

1945 Kuni WAKAO was born at TOKYO.
1965 Graduated JOSHIBI junior college of art and design.
1968 Graduated SALON DE CHAPEAU
     Made many hats for concert, show, and wedding after graduation.
1970 Selected her works at Japan hat contest
1981 Took part in " Arts Fashion Exhibition" of Jean Barthet(hat designer in France)
    as assistant designer.
1984 Her works was exhibited in a bridal show in Maebashi.
1991 Created hats for dance stage choreographed by Naoko ITO.
     After this, worked as a hat and art designer of Mademoiselle Cinema.
     And she is the selector of Mademoiselle Cinema shop.

This is Arts selected shop of Mademoiselle Cinema produced by Kuni WAKAO.
Mademoiselle Cinema Dance is created by costume designer, hat designer, painter, image writer, photographer, and so on, many artists not only choreographer and dancer. The works and commodities created or selected by artists who took part in our dance is sold at foyer in session house at the day of performance. Hats, bags, T-shirts, and so on, these are unique items. The dancer staff everyone is waiting so that the customer who comes to see the dance may enjoy it further more.