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Dance Bridge International 2018丂丂丂丂24亅25.Nov.2018
Mademoiselle Cinema
'Cross the Ocean'
丂丂with Mitsutake KASAI, Barabbas OKUYAMA
Photo丗Masanobu Yamanoue
Mitsutake KASAI, Barabbas OKUYAMA
'the Secret of the Rose'
丂丂with Mademoiselle Cinema
Photo丗Masanobu Yamanoue -dress rehearsal-
Photo : Takashi ITO -public-
Bad Girl Lullaby丂丂01-02.Sep.2018丂丂丂丂丂Photo丗Masanobu Yamanoue
LIFE THEATER丂丂28-30.Apr.2018丂丂丂丂丂Photo丗Masanobu Yamanoue
Life Theater - From the Sky Town
Life Theater - Female Version
Life Theater - her life